Why is my computer running slowly?

This is the most common question we are asked! So we’ve put together a great offer that will certainly make a huge difference to the speed of your machine. 

Why not upgrade to a SSD hard-drive and turbo-charge your computer?

The hard drive stores all the data in your PC and it’s usually the slowest component. SSD hard drives have no moving part so your machine will start more quickly whilst programs will launch in a fraction of the time. Check out this video for an example.

Prices start at £160 including parts and labour

Wow – they seem expensive…

The difference they’ll make to a machine is breath-taking – just look at the video. SSDs are a great way to extend the usable life of a machine and they are a lot cheaper than buying a new computer. Also, we only use quality parts – genuine Samsung SSDs which come with a 5 year manufacturers warranty. These upgrades are carried out in our computer shop in Huddersfield, in our own workshop.

How do I know which size I’ll need?

Call us and have a chat about which option will be best for you. We’ll then be able to give you a personalised quote.

Will I lose my data?

No, we intend to keep all your data intact. We are incredibly careful with customers’ data but we’d always recommend you do a full back up before bringing your computer to us.

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So if you’ve got a new hard drive, how about a better back up option?

Nobody likes backing up.  It’s a hassle.  It can be difficult to set up. How do you know if it’s worked?  But if you suffer a hard drive failure, a house fire or get an encryption virus, you may lose everything, which can be upsetting for personal data, and devastating for businesses.

We can help.  Our managed cloud backup is powered by industry leader Acronis.  Data is held in physically secured UK data centres on high end storage equipment.  No matter where you are with your PC, if you have an internet connection, it can backup. And it’s hassle free.

How does it work?

We configure the back up for you.  You choose what you want backing up and how often you’d like it doing.  It’s possible to keep several versions of your data for extra security.

What happens next?

Your backup will be automatic.  We check that the backup is working and if it isn’t, we will get in touch with you and fix it.  If you’re unlucky enough to lose data we can give you a secure login to download your back up, or you can book your PC in with us to restore data.

Get in touch for a chat to learn more or to get your data secure today.

There is a set-up charge for home users of £25, a minimum term of 12 months, and thereafter 30 day written notice to terminate the service. Payment is taken by Direct Debit. Full terms and conditions on request.

Cloud Backup
 We are always happy to advise on backup and computer security issues; hardware can be replaced but data can’t!

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