Inspiration Computers offers remote support to all our clients, home user and small businesses alike. As long as there is a working internet connection, there are many problems that can be sorted via remote support. So we can repair your PC without you having to leave your house!

Obviously there are some issues that cannot be resolved remotely, but in those cases we can advise what would be the best way to proceed.

There are occasions where the service we offer means that we need to be on-site; such as broadband troubleshooting or installing a new PC.
In those cases, we offer a call-out service. Please ask us for advice as to whether you really do need a call-out, as in many instances, it’s much quicker and more cost-effective for you if you can bring your PC into the shop. Some problems can be resolved by remote support instead.

Call us on 01484 451234 to make an appointment.

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