Every computer we sell is hand built by Alison or Lee. This enables us to build with high quality components and to make sure that you are getting brand new, state of the art technical wizardry!

We build everything from family based PCs to high end video editing and music editing machines. Because we are completely independent we can be completely flexible.¬†We also explain things in an easy to understand, jargon-free way, so don’t be afraid to ask any questions you might have.

Don’t worry about how you are going to transfer your photos and documents over to your new PC, or which peripherals are going to be compatible with your new system – we’ll take care of that by transferring your data (free of charge up to 100GB) and telling you what peripherals will work with your new computer – it’s all part of our custom build service.

Prices and specs change every week, but do feel free to pop in and see us for a chat and a price list.

If you’re not sure whether you want a desktop or whether a new laptop would suit you better, we can happily advise you.

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