We offer a wide range of laptop repairs (on all makes and models except Mac) including:

Screen repairs / replacements

If your screen is cracked, or has been dropped and broken, we can replace your screen.

Keyboard repairs / replacements

We can help if you’ve spilt a drink in your keyboard or if you have lost some keys.

Broken power (DC) socket repairs

Wobbly sockets can be repaired, and faulty DC ports can be replaced.

Hard drive repairs / replacements

Hard drives can suffer from impact damage but can be replaced and sometimes repaired.  SSD (solid state drives) are a popular upgrade due to the speed improvement.

Memory (RAM) replacements

Faulty memory can be replaced and memory can also be upgraded to speed your laptop up.

Virus / Malware / Spyware / Ransomware removal

We can disinfect your laptop and in most cases recover your data.

Battery replacements

Laptop batteries don’t last for ever! We can supply and if needed fit new laptop batteries.

Cracked laptop hinges / panels / plastics

New parts can often be expensive for laptops, but we can advise and cost up whether your laptop is cost-effective to repair.

Replacement laptop screens

Smashed laptop screen?  Or a faulty panel?  We can replace the laptop screen and keep standard types in stock.

Laptop repair Huddersfield
Laptop RAM upgrade
All laptop repairs are carried out in our own workshop for your peace of mind (with the exception of some warranty repairs).
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