If your computer just needs a new lease of life then let us take a look at it; maybe it needs speeding up with extra memory (RAM) or a solid state hard drive (SSD), or you need a better graphics card to play a new game.

We are always happy to give a quote for work that needs to be done, and advise whether or not the work is cost-effective.

We also offer an extensive “Computer MOT” for ¬£59.99 which is a great idea every 12 to 18 months. This can really help keep your PC in tip-top condition! There are thirty different checks we perform, and the aim is to make sure that your computer is running as well as it possibly can. This service is available for both laptops and tower PCs, as all computers can benefit from a clean up and a tune up.

Included in the cost of the service is basic spyware and virus removal, hard drive and memory checks, system optimisation, disk defragmentation, disk clean up, removal of temporary files, and much more, making it excellent value for money. ¬†There’s no need to book – just bring your computer in and we’ll get started on it!

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